Kathmandu Academy of Football
Sanogaucharan, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-01-4361032
P.O. Box no: 11310



Kathmandu Academy of Football (K A F) is a non profit making company established in July 28th, 2009 dedicated to develop the football in Nepal. The founders of K A F envisaged it as a national institution for qualitative training in football. It is manned by football professional of outstanding caliber, who has under taken the challenge to create quality institution to cater the sport needs for the country.  

It is those individuals who are seeking to develop their inherent potential in the world of football. K A F aims to support   , encourage and pave the way in building their career in this creative and challenging field. In a short period of establishment,   more than one hundred interested and dedicated young players (aged 8 to 17) of both genders have joined in the primary training in K A F. Playing itself needs enthusiasm through indomitable spirit  , therefore , K A F has vision such professionalism in football which is absolutely base on practical by instilling values , morals, team- work ,healthy life style , positive attitude , spirituality and other ingredients which ever last for the betterment of football and its professionalism  among the football players in Nepal .
K A F  has made such plans which are dreamt by well experienced , dedicated and enthusiastic football players and other distinguished figures from different sectors together such as doctors ,professors etc.




Every training in each sector should be based on employment   oriented.  Our strong conviction is that today’s good education in football should be able to enhance the inherent qualities and institution  of the individual , and prepare a creative man power as well as lead  football as a profession    not only of the  global needs but sensitive about our unique national spirit too. KAF has the following objectives which will eliminate the pitfalls, barriers and other pessimistic features of Nepalese football society:

    • provide football training guidelines to all who are interested and laborious

    • develop the standard of  football from grass root level to a professional

    •  make this profession as a secured one, increase the active participation

    • provide coaches and necessary things to the players.

    •  make healthy environment in football , to make disciplined footballers

    •  maintain the status, enhance the level from poorer to a standard one

    •  involve the children & youths from all sectors of region, religion, cast etc.

    • provide at least good play ground to the footballers

    • develop friendship and brotherhood among the players and trainees.

    • make football training accessible and reachable to all.



Any interested individual aged from 8 to 17 of both gender can join in the training which has been conducting at Sano Gouchran, Kathmandu at free of cost. Giving training of football and producing footballer as most disciplined, dedicated, peace, football, nation loving, enthusiastic etc are some of the key features of this project. However the practices which are being done are base on training. At present the instructors (Coaches) are the founder members of KAF who are highly experienced professional footballer in this field. Since its establishment, KAF has devoted much of its time and energy in and around the development of football profession in Nepal.



It is believed easy to say but difficulty to do, collecting players to train is easy but to manage them to get free and long term training is a difficult task. We have determined ourselves, we have dreamed of standardising the level of Nepalese football, we have though to do the difficult and challenging job, therefore, we could add positive step in the national development. At present, KAF has managed the training and does the volunteer efforts. We hope our aim will be flourished by getting supports of investment, suggestion, co-operation and other necessary assistance from our good wishers and nation, peace and football loving individuals and groups. In the other hand the country has been practicing as a democratic state and peace is ultimately present need. Meanwhile, we have aimed to mobilize our football players who join with KAF in the development of local community and peace settlement. Development is not an automatic device which can produce the effect magically, it’s a process. After all slowly and steadily we involve our young players in this process.

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